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Biometric, Medical and Visa Service Charges are paid by the sponsor / applicant directly to the Ministry of Interior, State of Qatar (MOI) except other than for the Optional Premium Lounge facility and / or value-added services as approved by MOI. Biomet (QATAR VISA CENTER ) does not seek any money / amount from applicants for processing or confirming on the Medical or Biometrics. The decision to grant the visa or not is that of MOI and the Ministry of Health, Qatar. Applicants who may be obtaining services of agents shall be doing so on their own risk and Biomet (QATAR VISA CENTER) does not endorse, neither it collects any money at the Centre for rendering the services and shall not be responsible or liable to the client / applicant.

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  1. At Biomet Services Pte Ltd., we're committed to protect and respect your privacy.

    This Privacy Notice explains how Biomet Services Pte Ltd. ("Biomet", "we", or "us") handle your personal data (also known as personal information in certain jurisdictions).

    This Privacy Notice does not intent to conflict with applicable local privacy laws. In case there is a conflict, the applicable local privacy laws will prevail.

    We may change this Privacy Notice (also known as Privacy Policy in certain jurisdictions) from time to time. We will always make the latest Privacy Notice available to you via this page. Any changes to this Privacy Notice will apply to you and your data immediately.

    With respect to the services provided by Biomet, this Privacy Notice describes:

    • Who are we (Biomet)?
    • Services provided by Biomet.
    • Data Controllers
    • How do we collect your personal data?
    • The lawful basis for processing your personal data
    • How is your personal data used?
    • How long do we hold your data?
    • Who do we share your personal data with?
    • Transferring your personal data offshore
    • Your rights
    • How Biomet protects your personal data
    • Monitoring
    • Technology
    • Our contact details and how to ask questions or make a privacy-related complaint
    • The date this Privacy Policy was last updated
  2. We are a cutting-edge visa processing and biometric enrolment solutions company. Our mission is to provide clear, simple, and effective solutions to our partner governments. Headquartered in Singapore, our principal philosophy is to transform government and citizen services with solutions that are transformative and effective for all stakeholders. Biomet manages the administrative and non-judgmental tasks related to visas for diplomatic missions. This enables them to focus entirely on the critical task of judgemental assessment and decision-making.

    Biomet only provides certain logistic support to visa / permit applications on behalf of its client governments and in accordance with the respective contracts with them regarding such services / support.

    Apart from visa / permit application processing services and citizen services, Biomet also provides additional services called Valued Added Services (VAS).

    • Biomet is the outsourced partner of client governments and diplomatic missions for managing administrative and non-judgmental tasks related to visa processing. In this capacity, Biomet (through its visa application centers is merely responsible for the receipt of visa / permit or travel document applications, collection of biometric data where applicable, collection of documents to accompany applications on behalf of the respective client government / diplomatic mission; submission of applications and biometric data (where applicable) to the client government / diplomatic mission for their consideration.

      Biomet Services Pte Ltd has no role in deciding what documents are to be appended or what comments or details need to be made in the visa, passport, or travel documents application process.

    • Biomet also offers an additional range of Value Added Services (VAS) to its customers who wish to procure this directly from Biomet.

      Please note that our Valued Added Services (VAS) availability may vary from country to country. The services are completely independent of your visa / permit or travel document application procedure and might be purchased as per your needs.

      The Valued Added Services (VAS) offered by Biomet are purely optional / discretionary services, which are offered by Biomet to the customer directly available under a contract between Biomet and the customer at an additional service charge.

      Availing of this service does not affect or guarantee the decision or processing time of your visa / permit or travel document in any manner, as it is completely dependent on the client's government / diplomatic mission decision.

    • The client government / diplomatic mission of the country you applied a visa / permit or travel document for is the responsible party for the use of the personal data you provide in the visa / permit or travel document application form and, consequently, for the data received from your side in connection with the processing of your visa / permit or travel document application.

      This role is known as "Data Controller" as established in Regulation (EU) 2016 / 679 (General Data Protection Regulation). However, it can have different names such as "Organisation", "Data Fiduciary", "Responsible Party", "Data Handler", or similar, depending on your country of residence.

    • When Biomet provides additional services requested by you, such as but not limited to appointment scheduling, application / document tracking and transmittal, provision of self-service visa application workstations, document courier delivery services, etc., Biomet is responsible for processing the personal data you provide in connection with these services; hence Biomet is the Data Controller for these Valued Added Services (VAS).

  3. Biomet collects personal data about you when you request our services either as part of your visa / permit or travel document application process or when you purchase any of Biomet's Valued Added Services (VAS).

    • Biomet is authorized by the client government / diplomatic mission we work on its behalf of to perform administrative support, biometric collection (where applicable) and services related to the processing of visa / permit and travel document applications.

      Depending on the country you applied a visa / permit or travel document for, the personal data required from you may change, but it is always determined by the client government / diplomatic mission which determines the purpose of the processing of the personal data that, is to be collected, used, and transferred by Biomet as part of the visa application process.

    • When you contact our customer support center, provide these details in a web form on our websites or request any of Biomet's Valued Added Services (VAS), Biomet collects and processes the personal data provided by you in order to deliver the service requested. Such information may consist of the following:

      • First Name.
      • Last Name.
      • Delivery Address.
      • Email address.
      • Mobile Phone Number.
      • Date of birth.
      • Application reference number.

      Please note that it is not mandatory to provide your personal data for requested Value Added Services (VAS). However, without providing the required personal data, we may not be able to deliver these services.

    • Our services are not designed for, or intentionally targeted at children.

    • In respect of the lawful basis used by the respective client government / diplomatic mission as Data Controllers of the visa / permit application process, you may need to provide your consent as part of the visa / permit application process. For further details on the content of this consent you are required to provide, please check the visa application / permit form where the same is explained.

      Please note that each client government / diplomatic mission has its own application form, which means that there is no unique consent and the same may vary depending on the country you applied for a visa / permit or travel document.

    • If the data protection law in your country of residence allows, Biomet will use the lawful basis of "performance of a contract". What this means in plain terms is that when you purchase a Valued Added Service (VAS) from Biomet, you enter into a contract with us to deliver that service. We could not deliver that service without using some personal data from you, by entering into that contract implies you have given your permission for us to process that personal data. For example, in order to provide the courier service, we will need a delivery address.

      If the data protection law in your country of residence does not have the lawful basis of "performance of a contract", then Biomet will ask for your consent for the processing of your personal data for one or more specific purposes.

    • As per the visa / permit or travel document application process, the information collected by Biomet on behalf of the client government / diplomatic mission is submitted to them for the purpose of assessing your visa / permit or travel document applications.

      Please note that Biomet (or any member of its group of companies or staff) does not take any part in the decision-making process and the grant or refusal of any visa / permit or travel document application.

      This assessment is carried out at the sole discretion of the client government / diplomatic mission as the Data Controller (in respect of any personal data processed in connection with this process), which reserves the right to ask for further documentation and information for the visa / permit or travel document you have applied for and, to refuse any visa / permit application. You must supply such further documentation and information if you wish the application to continue to be considered.

      Please do note that Biomet's role (as a Data Processor), as defined in the Regulation (EU) 2016 / 679 (General Data Protection Regulation), of the respective client government / diplomatic mission regarding the visa / permit or travel document process, is restricted to handle documentation solely on behalf of the concerned client government / diplomatic mission, purely as an administrative / logistics measure and we cannot comment on the documents shared by you for forwarding to the concerned client government / diplomatic mission.

    • When providing Valued Added Services (VAS), Biomet will use your personal data in order to provide additional services to you, including for the following purposes:

      • to book an appointment with one of our visa submissions officers;
      • to validate who you say you are when you come to collect your travel document;
      • to enable you to track the progress of your application;
      • to provide you with additional services that you request, such as courier delivery, for which we will need to know the delivery address and the name of who to deliver the travel document to; and
      • with your prior permission, to send you information that you have requested and that may be of interest to you.
  4. Your visa application data is deleted from Biomet's systems after its transmission to the client government /diplomatic mission.

    Only your name and contact details, as well as your passport number, are retained for the purposes of the appointment arrangements.

    If you contact us with follow-up questions or a complaint, we may retain your contact information and any other information provided for the time it takes to resolve your matter.

    We may be legally required to hold some types of information for a longer period of time to fulfil our statutory or contractual obligations (for example, invoices for taxation legislation).

    For Valued Added Services (VAS), we retain and hold, for a limited time, a small amount of personal contact information in order to be able to perform a requested service, such as courier delivery of your travel documents.

    This information consists of the following: your full name, date of birth, email address, phone number, alternative phone number and delivery address (if requested). This information is retained by Biomet Services Pte Ltd in order to deal with any queries or issues that may occur. After 90 days, this information is automatically purged from our systems.

    • We share or disclose your personal data with the respective client government / diplomatic mission that we are an authorized or contracted service provider. This information includes the personal data supplied by you to support your visa / permit or travel document application, consular service, or other services that we provide on behalf of a client government / diplomatic mission.

      We may also share or disclose your personal data with the client government / diplomatic mission whose visa, consular service, or any other services you applied for, in connection with a complaint, request, or data access request, received from you.

    • We may share or disclose your contact information with our suppliers and partners where it is necessary for the processing of your requests or to deliver an additional service that you have requested. For example, if you have asked us to deliver your travel document to your home or office, we will need to provide the courier company with your name, delivery address, and a contact phone number.

      We only use suppliers and partners that have sufficient privacy and data protection measures in place.

    • We do not sell your personal data to third parties.

    • As part of the visa / permit or travel document application process, the information collected by Biomet on behalf of the client government / diplomatic mission you applied for a visa / permit or travel document for will be transferred offshore, from the country of your application to the home country of the client government / diplomatic mission.

    • In order to provide a service to support your visa application, such as appointment scheduling, tracking your application, and invoicing, we will transfer your personal data, internally within Biomet, to one of our data centers located in Singapore as applicable.

    • As an authorized contractor of the client governments / diplomatic missions we work with, Biomet has no access to the information submitted by you as part of your visa / permit or travel document application. This includes copies of your visa application, or any information submitted by you in connection with your visa application.

      If you require this information, you need to directly contact the Data Controller of the respective client government / diplomatic mission of the country whose visa you applied for, which details are provided in the respective privacy notice of the specific website route of the visa / permit or travel document you applied for.

    • Under many data protection laws, you have rights with regard to how your personal data is handled. These privacy rights vary from country to country; however, in Biomet, we enable you, subject to all relevant laws, to exercise a full range of data protection rights depending on the applicable jurisdiction. It includes, among others:

      • The right to be informed how your personal data is being used.
      • The right of access and a copy of your personal data.
      • The right to rectification if your personal data is incorrect.
      • The right to erasure your personal data (where the law permits this).
      • The right to restrict the processing of your personal data.
      • The right to data portability.
      • The right to object to how your personal data is used.
      • Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling.
      • Registering a concern about data privacy.
      • Requesting a copy of your personal data, correcting inaccurate personal data, and deletion of personal data.

      You can exercise your rights by contacting Biomet at: DPO@biometservices.com

    • In order to protect your privacy and to authenticate that the request is genuinely from you and not from anyone else masquerading as you, we might request some additional details of your last interaction with Biomet, some details that nobody else would know about.

      This is to ensure that it is really you who is making the request and not someone else. We will only request enough information to enable us to identify you properly.

  5. We are committed to protecting all personal data that we hold about you. When you give us personal data, we take steps to ensure that it is safeguarded and held securely. Any sensitive information is encrypted and protected.

    On our websites, when you are on a secure page, a lock icon will appear in the address bar of most web browsers. This means the transfer of information from your browser to our web servers is encrypted to keep it safe.

    Please bear in mind that emails may be transmitted normally over the Internet, and this can never be guaranteed to be 100% secure. As a result, please do not include personal data in an email when you communicate with us. If you do, you do so at your own risk

    • Please note that at Biomet's premises we maintain strong security standards in place for our staff and customers. For this reason, you will find that Biomet uses CCTV systems where the law permits so.

      The required CCTV signs are deployed in our premises and offices and indicate that you are being recorded. This CCTV footage is kept for a certain period of time in line with our client governments / diplomatic missions' requirements and applicable local laws.

    • As part of our security standards, you may find deployed in our premises and offices guarding services. In certain locations, you will be required to identify yourself prior to accessing our premises.

    • Like many other websites, the Biomet websites use Cookies. 'Cookies' are small pieces of information sent by an organization to your browser and stored on your device. We use them is to help collect statistical information about your browsing actions and patterns. Other uses are to set your preferred language and tell your browser what pages you have already visited so that you can use the "Back" function. Cookies help us to improve our websites and deliver a more personalized service.

      We provide the choice for you to accept or refuse the use of cookies when you visit our websites, and you can change the cookie settings at any time.

      Please note that disabling cookies may result in a loss of functionality when using our website. For more detailed information about how Biomet uses cookies, please see our cookies disclosure notice.

    • Our websites may contain links to other websites run by other organizations. This Privacy Notice applies only to this website, so we encourage you to read the relevant Privacy Notices on the other websites you visit.

      Please note that if you link from our website to another website, or if you follow a link to arrive at our website, we cannot be responsible for the content or practices of those third-party websites. We recommend that you check the Privacy Notices and statements of that third-party website.

      We always perform a check of other websites before publishing a link to it.

  6. We are committed to protecting your privacy. If you wish to contact us or if you have any questions or wish to lodge a complaint about our privacy practices or the way we have handled your personal data, including if you believe that there has been a possible breach of any relevant privacy principles, you may contact us at:

    Information relating to data protection and privacy practices:
    by contacting DPO@biometservices.com

    For any complaint, please include details about your complaint. On receipt of a complaint, we will endeavour to carry out any necessary investigations in a timely manner. We will respond to all complaints within a reasonable time, or such earlier time as required by law.

  7. This Privacy Policy was last updated in September 2022.

Fraudulent Recruitment / Employment Offers

It has come to Biomet's attention that, individuals misrepresenting themselves as Biomet' agents or representatives have approached people to offer fraudulent / fictitious employment opportunities, with the intent to steal personal information or solicit money from people. We encourage you to exercise caution and common sense when receiving any such employment offer, which requires payment of any fees / money, or promises a work visa in exchange for money. The said offers are completely fake and not valid. Biomet is not a Recruitment agency and does not offer recruitment services. Scammers operate primarily via the internet, email, phone etc. We warn people to beware of such scams.

Please be advised that, Biomet is a company who works only with government and diplomatic missions to fulfil their administrative requirements of visa application processing. Neither Biomet nor its representatives will ask for money from individuals under any circumstances to lure them with employment opportunities either in Biomet or outside. If you receive any offer that purports to be from Biomet, which ask for money, these types of offers are fraudulent.

Warning signs of recruitment fraud

The following are some examples of recruitment fraud which are in violation of Biomet's processes and ethical practices:

  • The email is not sent from an official Biomet e-mail address but from a free e-mail service such as: Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc. It is also possible that, the email is sent from a fake email address

  • You are asked to disclose private or confidential information

  • You are asked to be interviewed over the phone or via an instant-messenger type program

  • You are requested to pay fees / money

  • You are requested to complete bogus recruitment documentations such as an application or employment visa forms, (the Biomet name and logo could be forged / fabricated and featured on the documentation without authority)

  • Insistence on urgency

  • Money will be requested for processing Work Permits, Visa applications or the like

Such actions are presumably intended to defraud or obtain personal information from the victims.

The activities of these individuals involve criminal and civil liabilities. While Biomet takes such matter seriously and reserves its right to contact competent law enforcement agencies to investigate and prosecute such illegal activities, it is often difficult to locate and prosecute these individuals.

Therefore, if you receive a request, either in writing or verbally, for an interview or a job offer that you believe is or might be fraudulent or suspicious, please disregard them. You may also verify the same with Biomet at contact @ biometservices.com

If you come to know that a fraud is being perpetrated, we encourage to forthwith contact your local police and / or any competent authorities and also to keep us informed by reporting the fraud at contact@biometservices.com

Under no circumstances will Biomet be liable or responsible for any loss, damages, expenses or inconvenience resulting from these unauthorized persons and / or activities.